ew if you comment on a fashion blogger’s picture “just wondering would you ever wear that outside :)))” all fake and nice nasty you’re a gigantic loser lol!!!!!!!!! stop asking people rude rhetorical questions because you’re insecure with yourself! channel your energy into anything else positive




People are so stupid for real. Like guys always want set in stone rational easy to understand step by step instructions on how to approach women or give a compliment and it’s like… there aren’t any. So like you can do everything “right” in your eyes and still get rejected. It’s almost like women are all different separate people and not a monolith who will all respond the same positive way as long as you “play the game” right. There is no fucking game.




Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! Irons don’t iron clothes, people iron clothes! Toasters don’t toast bread, people toast bread! Tools are irrelevant! The power has been inside you this whole time! You just have to believe!

i fucking hate all cats. disgusting flea ridden passive aggressive idiots

blahtherapy is ok sometimes. but other times they try to talk to you about stuff you didn’t want to talk about like…please don’t ask me if my boyfriend wants me to pee on him?? maybe you want that confirmation that your kinks are acceptable but….i don’t want to talk about you??i ‘m trying to talk about me. i came in to this chat to talk about me not about you and your boyfriend and where your boyfriend wants your pee